Chris Farley death photos

Chris Farley death photo

Following his final guest appearance on Saturday Night Live on October 25, 1997, Farley’s hoarse voice and flushed skin were the subject of public scrutiny. In the final years of his life, Farley had sought treatment for obesity and drug abuse on 17 occasions. On December 18, 1997, he was found dead by his younger brother, John, in his apartment in the John Hancock Center in Chicago. An autopsy later revealed that Farley had died of a cocaine and morphine overdose early that morning. Advanced atherosclerosis was cited as a “significant contributing factor”. Farley’s death is often compared to that of his SNL idol John Belushi, who also died at age 33 of an accidental drug overdose consisting of cocaine and heroin.

Chris Farley death photo

According to…acquaintances who saw Farley during his final days, the actor began a downward spiral on Dec. 14. He maniacally hopscotched through Chicago bars, consuming large quantities of drugs and alcohol and fraternizing with a series of party girls.

Farley’s self-destructive bacchanal began at the downtown Chicago club Karma, where he raged until about 2 a.m. Afterward, the party moved to Farley’s apartment. On Monday evening, Dec. 15, he dropped by the 38th-anniversary party for Second City (the Chicago Improv company that had given him his start), where by all accounts Farley was his usual lively self—drinking, yes, but not drunk. He was later spotted on a pub crawl. On Tuesday, Dec. 16, Farley blew off plans to get a haircut from Seely, who works as a stylist at a top Chicago salon. Instead, a $300-per-hour call girl named Autumn alleges she spent that afternoon with Farley, who had called from his home around 8:30 a.m. She says the comedian, who was smoking pot and drinking screwdrivers, seemed more interested in her scoring cocaine than her services. ”I don’t think he knew what he wanted,” she says. ”You could just tell he was on a rampage…He just kept bouncing from room to room.” (EW)

Farley’s private funeral was held at Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church in his hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. Over 500 people attended his funeral, including many comedians who had worked with him on Saturday Night Live and on film. Absent was Farley’s former SNL castmate and close friend David Spade, who was later quoted as saying that he declined to attend Farley’s funeral because he “could not be in a room where Chris was in a box.”

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117 Responses

  1. jenifer says:

    i just sad, because i love movies that Mr farley rest in peace made, i just see this pictures and the ones that appeared as sleep, i just wondering, got my attention to see why in the picture where he appeared to be sleep, the shirts were one way, and then the other two , the shirt appeared to be in different way, is sad, but i thinking that people that do drugs and drink get pretty much easy to say that they died of overdose. rest in peace Mr farley.

    • Nate says:

      How is it sad? He went out the way he wantes to, exactly like Belushi, its beautiful in a sense that he didnt let life influence him, he influenced life and went out on his own terms. Nothing sad about that at all, unless you wish he were still alive for your own selfish reasons. People say those who commit suicide are selfish or whatever when in fact the living are selfish, always wanting more when they didn’t know the real problems they wanted away frim. RIP farley, the greatest non conformist ever

      • Sniffeh says:

        Are you serious? He died from a drug overdose. Theres nothing happy or fulfilling about that kind of death.

        • HIGGS BOSON says:

          Nothing happy at all. Problem is he probably wanted to die, but he didnt want to die. The paradox of the addict, the alcoholic. I hate it for everyone who goes through addiction most importantly the family and friends of the addict. All the help in the world cant save an addict unless the wholeheartedly are ready to end the self destructive, meaningless ways of addiction.

          • Jay says:

            Write on point been there done that dead 9 it’s sad but I got 9 chances I survived some ppl don’t even get one I wanted to die but today I don’t I’m clean 2yrs and now enjoy the fruits of life the only ones who get hurt r friends and family if u want to die by choice in a different way if u choose to commit suicide it’s takes ball I no that but I choose to live today one day at a time

          • Jan says:

            Not every addict wants to die. A lot of us just wanna have fun. Not all of us are sad or from some fucked up family

      • Robert says:

        Just looking at the photos closely and I have to say that Chris was very afraid in his last few moments. I think he knew he was dying.

        Here is why. If you like at his face, the color of the vomit/blood is the same as what is on the many tissues to his right. He was vomiting for some time, and trying to clean it up. Most likely the beginning stages of heart attack due to the drugs (note his contributing factor of plaque filled arteries.). Second, his shirt is open, but he is also surrounded by many blankets. This was probably an attempt at keeping warm chills. At the end he was most likely heavily sweating. Which explains the open shirt and scattered blankets.

        The last thing. Chris was a very devote Catholic. It was known he never missed mass. If you look in his left hand he has some prayer beads in his hand. Most likely he spent his last moments praying, in fear of what he knew was coming.

        This is by no means a happy ending.

        • EBG says:

          Those are the exact observations I made. I concur, 100%.

          • L says:

            He was actually sober just a few months before, and gave a very intimate interview on his struggles with weight, addiction and anxiety. At the end of the day it is sad, but I relate and I can’t criticize him for succumbing. It truly is a daily struggle. I wish I, and a lot of others could be afforded the help he had, though.

        • May says:

          Wow. You are really good at observing these kinds of things. I looked at the photos but didn`t even notice things like the beads or WHY his shirt was torn open etc. You work as a detective or something? You painted a harrowing yet accurate picture of most likely events to occur. I guess my mind is nowhere near analytical enough. Impressive stuff!

        • Jenny Ann says:

          Thank you for saying this. I was wondering if he in fact was holding rosary beads. And you ha e confirmed it. One of the last times I used cocaine myself and almost overdosed, I too, grabbed my grandpa’s rosary because I thought it was the end for me.

        • Andrea Davidson says:

          Agree whole heatedly

        • Sid says:

          A devout catholic? Wow. The way he died and the life he lived I hate to see a part time catholic.

        • RaggaJones says:

          His brother found him and wiped blood away, and put the rosary beads in his hand. That’s the reason for the beads and bloody tissues.

        • brian galyean says:

          the prayer beads in the catholic faith is called a ROSARY! I worked on productions with chris’ brother. All he kept talking about was how sad he was in his life…most comedians USE laughter to overcome the sadness in their life. The funnier the comedian, the sadder the life…true story. As for Chris, he idolized Belushi who died at 33….I feel chris KNEW he wanted to exit life…he was constantly depressed using the drugs to numb is pain and what better way to exit life than to go the way your idol did….NOT THAT I AGREE WITH IT…but it’s the way he wanted to exit. Yes he was already very ill as you can see by the bloody tissues in the room…probably from coughing up blood from the cocaine usage and then to shoot the morphine which is a VERY FAST death….here’s how to think of it….he has the ROSARY in one hand which tells me HE KNEW he was going to inject himself with morphine..with the correct dosage, it’s a fast death. So I’m confident he was saying a few hail Mary’s before injecting himself…once you inject yourself with the overdosing amount of morphine, you have NO TIME to do anything but to just lay back and close your eyes. Hence the foam you see coming out of his mouth which is caused by pockets of air pushing out of his chest post mortum….anyway…it’s a gruesome death and we should all just look at this photo and say “POOR GUY”….I tend not to think of why…but the “THANK YOU CHRIS for the laughter you gave to us WHILE you were here….” see you on the other side

      • Andrea says:

        I dont believe it was a suicide, and i believe he was frightened…it was a case of over indulgence and he knew he was dying and was frightened, holding the rosary and asking the female companion to not leave him…don’t try to make it heroic…it’s not and i bet he would agree. Just honor his life and let it be now.

      • chuckb says:

        you are right mate he lived life on his terms and he finished when he was done, RIP Chris

      • Cat says:

        I would agree with you if the situation were something comparable to Hunter Thompson’s suicide, where he made clear throughout his life that he drew great comfort from the knowledge that he could kill himself at any moment and conclude his life. In Farley’s case, this was an accidental drug overdose. There was no choice involved in terms of making a conscious decision to end his own life. So in that sense, it’s terribly sad. He didn’t choose to die, he was sick and needed help.

      • Mandy says:

        Because that’s a horrible way to go out….and when you have so much to live for….

      • Amylee says:

        I’m pretty sure his family said it was an accidental overdose! Not a suicide! And it is very sad ( I myself being a recovering addict ) addicts after using for so long need more and more of the said drugs to obtain that rush, that high. And sometimes they do more than what their bodies can handle. RIP Chris Farley you are loved and missed!

  2. Julie says:

    David could come now to pay respects. It’s been a long time.

  3. Renee says:

    He was such a troubled guy. So brilliantly, funny. He could have been saved by a intervention. He was definatly gone too soon. I loved him so much, he was so funny.

  4. retards says:


    • retards says: i love him to ..just think its to strange and convenient he was take from us liek that…rip much love

    • johnnyorgan says:

      Because no one had a reason to kill him. He was universally loved, you idiot.

    • creepypete says:

      Murdered by who and for what reason? what is your theory?

    • Sabrina says:

      What makes you think that he was murdered? He was doing what he always done, so how did you come up with your conclusion?

    • Sniffeh says:

      I don’t believe Chris was murdered. That being said you really shouldn’t react in this manner to someone who has a opinion that differs from yours. Its really childish and immature.

    • truth911 says:

      He was DEFINITELY MURDERED!!! Look he has Rosary Beads in his HANDS!!
      Nobody OVERDOSES on cocaine or morphine and suddenly grabs Rosary Beads… That literally makes no sense.
      When you overdose you are barely conscious. How can he have the ability to grab beads and hold them in his hands as he died.
      He was an illuminati sacrifice performed by the Hollywood Elite, just as many other celebs who don’t choose to join “them”.
      When a celeb in Hollywood is sacrificed, normally another celeb will BENEFIT from their death. It appears in this case that the person who benefitted from this sacrifice was unfortunately the one and only Adam Sandler aka the Sandman. If you watch Adam’s special on Netflix, you will see how he makes a tribute to Farley, in a very suspicious way IMO
      If you aren’t aware of Hollywoods sacrificial rituals, i’d suggest doing some research. It is very much real.
      A few examples of other celebs who have benefited from sacrifices.
      Ellen Degeneres killed her BEST FRIEND, and suddenly out of nowhere became a famous comedian(look it up)
      Snoop had Tupac killed, also became ultra famous after his death
      Gwen Stefani had Kurt Cobain killed, also became ultra famous right after his death
      As well as MANY many others that I can’t think of at the top of my head.
      Notice how after each sacrifice, they all become ultra famous. It’s no coincidence. Pay attention!!!

      • Jenny Ann says:

        Have you ever almost overdosed on cocaine? Because I have. And I grabbed my grandpa’s rosary beads because I almost died.

      • Nunya says:

        That is literally the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever read.

      • Chris says:

        Dude gwen Stefani? Kurt Cobain? The fuck is the matter with you. Hahah if anything Dave Grohl did it. Haha foo fighters popped right after that. Gwen sacrificed Bradley from sublime.

      • debbie gravois says:

        The tribute didn’t look at all suspicious. It looks like Sandler is grieving his friend and as a friend who lost my best friend, he looks like he feels guilt that he could not save him. I have felt the same because I knew my friend always struggled with depression and he was on rx drugs and I hated that but could not help him. When you find out your best friend has died, you go over in your head so many things you wished you had done, if only you had known what was coming. Should have gone to him, made him get on a diet regimen, should have been there for him, should have called more…..should have visited more. He was lonely. Over and over you play scenarios in your head but then you have to accept they were grown men and you did not know they were going to die. Anyway, I can see someone vomiting, sick and grabbing beads of course. Doesn’t mean he knew he was dying. It’s all so sad but I don’t see how you jump to murder and especially by is good friend. That is crazy.

      • Evelyn says:

        his brother found him and put the rosary beads in his hand

  5. Stormy Alcazar says:

    Is that rosary beads he was holding on his left hand?? :'(

    • Maple Leafs fan says:

      @Stormy. Yes. From what I read years ago his body was found with him cluthching rosary beads in his hand and his beloved Chicago Cubs hat next to him. So sad. Of all the celebrity deaths this one hit me the hardest.

    • Matthew Raith says:


  6. Michael says:

    I grew up watching Chris from Saturday night live to his movies, outrages characters and on and off screen antics, he was the best at what he did and for that he will always be remembered and forever missed, your were awesome Chris and I miss you…

  7. Frank Alvarado says:

    What is on his mouth??

  8. Debbie Ray says:

    Chris Farley was so funny always made me smile you will be so missed but never forgotten. Love you chris, rip brother. Debbie ray.

  9. Linda says:

    What is in his mouth? Was he spitting up the drugs..looks like foam..what happened to his face? I wonder if he hit something on the way down? His sides and back look bruised to unless that was him lying there for awhile until someone found him..but what happened to his face..that doesn’t happen in an overdose?

  10. Tim Sullivsn says:

    Is that foam coming out of his mouth?

  11. Kendal says:

    I’m looking at this picture and it appears to my that he was holding a today in his left hand. Hearing about his religious background, it’s sad to think he may have know he was going to die that night 🙁

    • Realfriend says:


      • Ignorance is a choice says:

        Excuse you dick, The photos that we are looking at are not only his death photos but the crime scene photos they’re not going to remove or put anything in his hands what was there was there when he died so why don’t you STFU and do your own research. Stop attacking others for simple questions. Ignorant simply ignorant

  12. Julian Askew says:

    So sad he was a great comedian!!

  13. manipulatingdevil says:

    I’ve witnessed an overdose in person. The stuff in his mouth is foam. That is very common from an overdose. I’m pretty sure the foaming from the mouth occurs once your lungs start to fill with fluid.

  14. Travis Bickle says:

    He got what he had coming to him. Note the rosaries in his hand. What was he praying for. More shit to snort. Fucking guy was the king and did it to himself. Fucking pig.

    • Sandradee says:

      Travis…Shame on you for your shallow/nasty commentary. I suggest you stay offline unless you have something intelligent to say (clearly you don’t-ignoramous) Chris did NOT get what he deserved nor did his family & true friends that have suffered a tremendous loss that you have 0 compassion for. We have lost not only an amazing talent in Chris Farley but more so an amazing human being FIRST and foremost. Look in the mirror Travis, from where I’m sittin’ you’re the PIG!! Swine hangs with swine.

  15. Alyssa says:

    It was a gag in his mouth and since all the blood went towards the back area it shows he died on his back, so many people tried for so long to help him miss u Chris you may be gone but your definitely not forgotten

  16. Brad k says:

    Chris came in one night while i worked at the. Miwaukee athaletic club back in the 90 s one girl on each side. Nice and funny as hell all he wanted was to be accepted by his peers. As a kid he was bullied which led to a low self asteem he hid behind the mask of alcohol and drugs. Wish chris new hom self alittle better he might still be here today ?

    • Regan says:

      Wow!, That’s awesome did you get to talk to him??

    • Sniffeh says:

      I seem to recall hearing something a while back about Chris saying that he had stage fright and that he used drugs as a means to cope with it. In fact I think I saw an interview where he stated that right before his appearance on on Letterman 1995 when he cartwheeled onto the show that he had just done a shit ton of cocaine to build up courage.

      • Angie says:

        Yes alot of people use Coke as a crutch for stage fright. Seen alot of friends who start dancing to put themselves thru school and end up ruining there lives all together.

  17. Vince says:

    Awesome dude he was. Such a sad way to go out. Good dudes like him die. But pieces of shit keep on going. Miss ya, Matt Foley!!!

  18. Regan says:

    Wish I could of met you, you are part of what I am today, RIP bro

  19. Regan says:

    Don’t know why I clicked on this to see this, wish I didn’t?

  20. John Fahey says:

    “…….now and at the hour of our death.” Clutching a rosary while drowning in addiction. I know what that’s like.

  21. Eoin says:

    He was just a big fat loud-mouthed slob. Plenty of sadness, hunger and pain in the world and people are lamenting the passing of some numbnuts who couldn’t control himself? Farley wasn’t funny. As for the tramp(s) who took these pics, I hope karma dealt her/them a fair hand.

    • Jdg says:

      Oh wow you are jaded😒

      • Meekayla says:

        He’s not Jaded just scum of the universe! He’s a piece of shit for saying that about Chris Farley I hate fat shamers people like him are why people like me kill thereselves cuz we are sick of being teased about or weight! Ignore the sob he’s not worth the breath he breaths!

    • Sandradee says:

      Chris was the best! Dominated any room he walked into. Outta bounds talent, but based on what you just “disrespectfully” stated ” yeah karmas a bitch”.

    • Aron says:

      There crime scene photos moron

    • Theresa says:

      It’s possible to care about this man AS WELL as the other sadness in the world. It isn’t a zero sum game, unless you have a heart only capable of caring about one thing at a time. It sounds like you’re not capable of any of it. Until you’ve walked a mile living someone else’s shoes, shut your stupid face. Judge judge judge, but I’ll guarantee you’re no prize. Grow up, turd.

  22. Chris Lyke says:

    I was the little fat kid that admired him and it’s sad to see the way he went and makes me sick that that kind of pic would be left up for people to see he was a funny ass guy and it would have been great to see he around these days comedy sucks with out him ( rest easy ) Chris Farley you were and still are the best comedian

  23. Dooley says:

    This is well written. The article about him on entertainment tonight is insensitive and down right dosrespectful. I’m glad this is here.

  24. Oh says:

    American comedians suck. He is not was not and will never be funny. Just a big fat sweaty mess

    • Ac says:

      Not nearly as much as you suck. Go crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of. Your a mess and don’t even realize it!!

    • Sniff Heinkel says:

      Haters ganna hate.

    • Scott paxton says:

      The lady who left him there to die needs to go to jail he was alive when she left for atleast 6 hrs but she had time to take pics before she left could not call the ambulance what a shitty fn person then sells pics to papers. She stole the funniest man ok my generation away !!! Bitch

      • Chris says:

        She SHOULD have stayed and called an ambulance, you’re absolutely right about that. He might still be alive if she had. But it’s just as likely he would have died another day if he had kept up the same lifestyle he was living. In the end, the person responsible for his death was Chris himself. I really miss having him in the world and I miss his humor very much. We lost a great one. Adam Sandler’s tribute to him on last week’s SNL was really touching.

  25. Festie says:

    He was obviously conscious just before he died. He knew he was dying. The blood soaked rags and the rosary bead in his hand. Be couldn’t breathe because of blood in his lungs.

  26. Trish says:

    He was funny and the best comedian ! And who’s the animal hum sorry… dear oh… who said american actors was not funny ? Are you a terrorist lol ? Surely… Anyway you are nothing you…lol Anyway you do pity to hear big fat yourself ! Your mother did not give enough kicks in the ass ! Sorry for good people I may hurt with my response but he or she deserves it. It calls receving the same medecine…like miror…

  27. Aron says:

    That’s drugs it’s sad but that’s what happens when you take that shit

  28. Robert says:

    Chris, you was one of the greats, if one of your movies is on tv, i always watch it, I’ve seen them all many times, you are missed, rip Chris

  29. Earl says:

    I was with Chris at Father Martin’s Ashley rehab in Havre De grace Maryland in July 1997. He didn’t take the class rooms seriously. Everyone was just being entertained by him. I at the time didn’t even know he was Chris Farley. He was a happy happy addict which was unusual. I was only focused on trying to get off crack. Before I even realized who he was he took off and never returned. He seemed to love life. I left after two months and went straight to a half way house on Hume Ave in Alexandria VA where I learned how to live again without drugs. I learned of Chris’s death right before Christmas that year and all I can picture now is Chris sitting in the front row of a group session in rehab laughing. He was a great person so so sad. It’s funny now because all these years later I have raised a 25 year old son who is a great young man and have an 11 yr old son that looks just like Chris. But for the grace of God go I……

  30. Vada says:

    I’m shocked they showed such a raw picture of him, this is not good for anyone to go thru, it’s sad to be that unhappy in life and to go out like that. RIP Farley I hope he is with God and at peace now

  31. Sniff Heinkel says:

    I love everything Chris Farley did. He was a very funny man. I am sure he brought laughter & happiness to many people. I hope Chris found peace after his death and that hes not trapped in that building roaming it lost in the after life.

    • anon says:

      damn man,thats some deep shit, but i agree with you. i miss him to & dont wish this for anyone not even my worse enemy

  32. Manfred Von Richthofen says:

    You kidding. He died based purely on poor decision making (ie stupidity, brokenness). If there is a place of peace in the afterlife (which there is), then there is a place of torment (which there is).

    • Sniff Heinkel says:

      How do you know? Have you died?

    • Amylee says:

      Brokenness is not stupidity! Brokenness is a horrible, awful, alone, heartbreaking feeling that I wish upon no one! And he was looking for something. Anything to make him feel better, safe, and not broken. And I hate that it ended so horrible! #gonebutneverforgotten

  33. anon says:

    This pictures teach us not to mess with Cocaine

  34. W.Axl Rose says:

    The Foam coming from Chris mouth is called Purging, as when you o.d. this appears from the lungs that are filled with fluid due to overdose.
    Sadly gone too soon RIP Chris Farley.

  35. James Iezzi says:

    this is sad pictures makes me cry but like so many people say here I think he was murdered and so doesn’t my wife killed over drugs rip dude we still miss u

  36. Big fan says:

    Rip chris

  37. Ken says:

    Yeah sure Jay you chose to live my ass! You probably got cut off by your dealers because you have no scratch from being a jobless loser all your life or your ass would have be dead and better off

  38. Bill says:

    Yeah suuuuurrre EARL!!

  39. Joe says:

    Oh wow EARL what a success! Go smoke another rock and tell me about it then

  40. Gary says:

    My Son took his own life last Summer (2018) he shot himself in the head his Mother and I were the ones that found him. Six months before my Sons death he had a similar 3-4 day death walk/run like Chris, he went to Mexico drank, slept with prostitutes, and only he knew the rest, he had intentions of Dying in Mexico but it didn’t happen.
    He got back home and committed himself my Son was bi-polar the depression and anxiety were no longer treatable he was mentally ILL and so was Chris Farley, my son was the same age as Chris when he died 33, mid 30s is where mental illness peaks. Suicide is the second cause of death of adult males under age 45. I promise you the only one’s suffering now are the ones he’s left behind.

  41. Erin says:

    Gary I am so very sorry for your son. You’re absolutely right. I think everything just got to be too much for him. I didn’t know him personally, but I wish I would have. I wish you knew what a wonderful performer he was and how much he was loved.

  42. Erin says:

    I should clarify I apologize for your son. The rest of it was regarding Mr. Farley. Please don’t take offense.

  43. Evelyn says:

    his brother found him and put the rosary beads in his hand

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