103-year old preserved corpse of clown Achile Chatouilleu

Achille Chatouilleu

The California Institute of Abnormalarts is a nightclub and sideshow museum located in North Hollywood, California. Owned and operated by actor-screenwriter Carl Crew and Robert Ferguson, the venue primarily hosts underground musical groups, performance art, movie screenings and sideshow acts including burlesque and freak shows.

Achille Chatouilleu

The CIA’s most notable attraction may be the preserved corpse of Achile Chatouilleu, an American circus performer who died in 1912 and requested his body be put on display in the clown makeup and attire he had worn throughout his life. Although Crew leased the body for six months in 2002, he claims that the owners “forgot” to retrieve it and the corpse remains at the CIA to present day in a hermetically sealed glass coffin, the body itself embalmed with arsenic. Chatouilleu’s corpse is such a prominent fixture of the CIA that the LA Weekly newspaper ranked the venue in its “Best of LA 2006” list as “Best Place to Find a Dead Clown”.

Achille Chatouilleu

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