GG Allin funeral photo

GG Allin funeral photo

GG Allin was an American punk rock singer-songwriter, who is best remembered for his notorious live performances, which often featured transgressive acts, including coprophagia, self-mutilation, and attacking audience members. AllMusic and G4TV’s That’s Tough have called him “the most spectacular degenerate in rock & roll history” and the “toughest rock star in the world”, respectively.

Allin promised for several years that he would commit suicide onstage during one of his concerts, but died offstage of an accidental heroin overdose on June 28, 1993.

The funeral took place on July 3, 1993 in his native New Hampshire, at the St. Rose Cemetery, Littleton. At his funeral, Allin’s bloated, unpreserved corpse was dressed in his black leather jacket and trademark jock strap. He had a bottle of Jim Beam beside him in his casket, per his wishes (openly stated in his self-penned acoustic country ballad, “When I Die”). As part of his brother’s request, the mortician was instructed not to wash the corpse (which smelled strongly of feces) or apply any makeup.

Allin’s funeral became a low-level party. Friends posed with his corpse, placing drugs and whiskey into his mouth. As the funeral ended, his brother put a pair of headphones on Allin. The headphones were plugged into a portable cassette player, in which was loaded a copy of The Suicide Sessions. Allin was buried in his mother Arleta’s plot beside his grandparents.

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  1. Michelle says:

    God I bet that stunk!

    • Burdt Durgle says:

      Smelled like rotten meat and a chics sweaty ass after a concert

    • John says:

      GG Alin not embalmed…I love the smell of rotting flesh in the morning…smells like victory! GG would have it no other way…ahh….the stench of 1000 assholes!

  2. Burdt Durgle says:

    Smelled like my dad’s shredded up looms

  3. Vada says:

    Probably talented guy,but I don’t think God is letting him in heaven with liquor bottles in his casket

    • Psycho says:

      Yeah that’s why he wouldnt be let in never never land of fairy tales….

  4. OlgaBagley says:

    The Mortician must be hot up for money there,s no Fucken way I touch nor would I had that Freak in my Funeral home Dumo his ass in a sewer where he belongs 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

    • thor says:

      for you even to take time to write stupid shit makes you a stupid shit….rip gg

      • john gallentine says:

        I agree. He was punk in human form. So cool

  5. Miranda says:

    Thor your an idiot. This man was horrible he would rape women and beat them and beat up other people. He was a retard and pathetic im glad the dumb nasty mother fucker is dead.. Thank you Jesus for putting his ass in hell. Sick mother fucker. And Thor for you to like someone like him makes you sick and nasty and a coward..

    • marc gossim says:

      I agree and as well think his friends and family are as well mentally ill. Surprised the funeral home did not face disciplinary charges for allowing desecration of a corpse.

    • Meerkat says:

      Disgusting dumbass or not, he was a human being. First of all, I’m not condoning anything GG did. Hell, I’m on here because a podcast mentioned him. 2nd of all, calling him ignorant bullshit names and being happy he’s dead is pretty goddamn disturbing.

  6. xcm says:

    This photo is the pg-13 version of what i came here looking for.

    You know what im talking about…

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