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Strange, unfortunate, and grotesque medical oddities.


Leontiasis ossea, a.k.a. “lion face”

Leontiasis Ossea, also known as leontiasis or lion face, is a rare medical condition, characterized by an overgrowth of the facial and cranial bones. It is not a disease in itself, but a symptom of other diseases, including Paget’s disease, fibrous dysplasia, hyperparathyroidism and renal osteodystrophy....


Man dying of rabies (video)

For a human, rabies is almost invariably fatal if postexposure prophylaxis is not administered prior to the onset of severe symptoms. The rabies virus infects the central nervous system, ultimately causing disease in the...


Guinea Worm infection

Guinea worm disease is caused by drinking water contaminated by water fleas (microscopic arthropods known as copepods) that host the Dracunculus larva. Guinea worm disease used to thrive in some of the world’s poorest...


Squamous cell carcinoma

Squamous-cell carcinoma (SCC or SqCC) is a cancer of a kind of epithelial cell, the squamous cell. These cells are the main part of the epidermis of the skin, and this cancer is one...


Flesh-eating disease of the face

Necrotizing fasciitis , commonly known as flesh-eating disease or flesh-eating bacteria syndrome, is a rare infection of the deeper layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues, easily spreading across the fascial plane within the subcutaneous...


Tree man

Inside a dimly lighted living room in the heart of the Javanese forest, Dede Koswara blankly examines his bulky hands, which have morphed to the size of catcher’s mitts. He shuffles along on blackened,...


The bubble man

Chandra Wisnu, 57, is thought to be one of the few people in the world with a rare skin disease which causes large, bubble-like lumps to develop all over his body.


Teratoma / teratocarcinoma tumor

Teratomas (also called teratocarcinomas when cancerous) are the ugliest things to ever come out of the human body. The name basically means “monster cancer” and it fits. They’re tumors of the ovaries or testicles....


Angioneurotic edema

Sudden onset (A) and complete resolution within 24 hours (B). Angioedema (BE: angiooedema) or Quincke’s edema is the rapid swelling (edema) of the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, mucosa and submucosal tissues. It is very similar...


Guillain-barre syndrome

A rapidly progressive, acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy characterized by muscle weakness and paralysis of the extremities and possible respiratory paralysis with abnormal sensation and loss of reflexes. The cause is unknown, but Guillain-Barre syndrome...