John F. Kennedy autopsy photo (#4)

John F. Kennedy autopsy photo (#4)

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  1. R LIEBERMAN says:


  2. Noorul Ameen says:

    We lost a great statesman. America fail to protect him. Now discussing about his wound is a wast of time.

    • Mar says:

      He was a corrupt individual that’s all ,not at all what people imagined …

    • Brenny says:

      America killed him. Our govt can’t cover this up. Truth seekers are getting it out over time.

  3. John says:

    Today we’ve heard and seen may of JFK’s quotes that are very revenant today, but at the time of his Presidency the GOP and others thought of him to be too soft on Communism. sad

  4. Pavel Ekimov says:

    John F. Kennedy was a really Great Man!!! I wish America will have somebody like him! I like Donald J. Trump!

  5. Corey says:

    I thot he was shot in he back of he head? Wldnt the exit hole be somewhere in the front of his head/face?? This pic suggests he exit was thru the front&out the back?

    • Brenny says:

      There’s so many lies coming up now. CIA, Secret Service, stories are overlapping improperly, autopsy faulty as hell. Stay woke brotha. When “conspiracy theorists” become truth seekers.

  6. SHARON EDDY says:

    I liked President Kennedy and he was not given a chance to rule our country. Praise God for Mr. Trump whom wiill
    Lead our country as she in commanded to be to be . It is this type of leadership that will bring our youth together and teach then the fundamentals of wotking

    • admin says:

      Sharon, you are a literal Nazi.

      • Chris says:

        “Sharon you are a literal Nazi” ??? What is that.

        • ProudAmerican says:

          Sharon comment sounds like something from a Russian troll lol I personally like trump even tho he can be a buffoon but we gotta realize he isn’t really stupid he has good intentions isn’t doing anything worse or as bad as some of the things more recent presidents have and why can’t we just get behind the movement trump happened to kick up eliminate his face from it. Just a simple statement “Make America great again” Americans have always been proud people we don’t mean great again like going back to worse times I believe it’s more about the time after ww2 when the world seemed to be at peace the communities were more conected and we all knew one thing we are Americans the land of the free and home of the brave and we are the best but we start splitting at some point and nobody did anything to reunite us nobody even realized then we reach this point where people talk bout killing the president just because they didn’t want him not even Because he was doing bad we all have the right to free speech and we should be vocal bout politics but don’t get so heated over one guy and we end up with the next dead president/twitter comic we owe it to our future generations to bring this country together and fix the problems we have within our city’s not even necessarily financially but to break people from their comfort zones whether it’s staying at home or always on devices we need to go out and meet the people you exist with help who you can help give to people in need be better people and have less selfish one sighted negative people if we can’t have a conversation with the people around you without getting yelled at cuz you don’t agree with them then there’s a problem and we passed that point long time go so how about left right democrat republican we stand together and don’t even use great just stand with your fellow Americans and make an oath on the flag on freedom and the pursuit of happiness to liberty LETS BRING AMERICA TOGETHER AGAIN

    • Curt says:

      Damn lady, give it a rest. This country is doomed, and it would’ve still been doomed if Clinton had won. Trump is a clown that conned and slithered his way into the white house. It’s going to be the most corrupt administration since the days of Nixon.

      • Easy reader says:

        And your proof is….?

    • Anthony Jones says:

      You CANNOT support the ideals of Kennedy AND Trump….they are almost polar opposites. One believed in democracy, self-sacrifice and helping the unfortunate, including minorities. The other is a fascist narcissist who is only out to enrich his own family. I don’t understand how you can believe everything he tells you when his actions have contradicted everything he has said.

  7. Bern says:

    I was only 17 when he was assassinated and I remember how everyone cried for him. I lost respect for the man When I heard about his womanizing and how he hurt his family’s memories. Just can’t stand hearing about what a wonderful person he was.

    • Stavros says:

      There are some that claim, and it makes a lot of sense, that his womanizing is greatly overrated if it really occurred at all.
      I have read that some insiders were adamant he used this ploy to get rid of Service operatives and people likely keeping an eye on him to report to his activites and anything overheard to other authorities like J.Edgar and others.
      This makes a lot of sense to me, even if its not true, its the concept of a shrew mind and no one can call him stupid.
      He was terribly rectified in all his other personal affairs but is a rampaging philanderer, never seemed to follow to my mind.
      But what ever the truth is its all finished now.

  8. John says:

    Admin. your another indoctrinated, educated idiot.

    • admin says:

      I think you mean “You’re.”

      As in, “actually you’re the idiot.”

  9. Liberty Lady says:

    Pretty sad that admin judges another poster as “a Literal Nazi”. How screwed up is this generation to be so hateful…

  10. UR. carrion says:

    Hey admin what makes Sharon a Nazi? Other than your feeble mind decided so.
    And this pic is not authentic.

  11. Rick Robinson says:

    Sharon, how educated are you. Your comment really made no sense.
    President Kennedy was a good leader his short time in office.

  12. mike says:

    Having that big hole in the back of his head would suggest that the fatal shot came from the front. That why The government doesn’t want to share the true autopsy report

  13. Max says:

    Nice shot.

  14. Sharon Olbert says:

    I remember Kennedy as very sincere, warm person, a devout Catholic and always extremely gracious. Kennedy was probably our second-greatest president in living memory, the best being our current president, of course. Kennedy set in motion plans for a great America, one that we can return to if we build that wall and kick the wetbacks back to sombrero land where they belong, and ship the darkies off to the congo where they can be with their own kind.

    • nicolas hoover says:

      Are you Native American ?? I’m guessing no….If this is truly how you feel @Sharon Olbert then you yourself are included Centuries before Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas, Navajos were already settled in the Four Corners area of the Colorado Plateau. However, Navajos weren’t the first inhabitants of the land. According to Anthropologist & historians, Ice-Age Paleo-Indian hunters roamed the Monument Valley area thousands of years earlier, followed by archaic hunter gatherers. Evidence of Anasazi in Monument Valley is still visible through their sites and ruins dating before 1300 A.D. It wasn’t until 1581 that the first Spaniards made contact with them. Good bye Racist Lady GET OFF MY LAND!!!!!!

  15. Jan says:

    It’s some goofy ass morons in this post. Wtf trump have to do with this post. Absolutely NOTHING!

  16. Keith Simmons says:

    I liked all of the comments. This is pretty entertaining! All that I know is, I remember watching channel 9: when I was a youngster. The channel showed a program, every year; about the assassination: Of President Kennedy, on that day in November.
    I think that President Kennedy was a good man. Someone was jealous of him. They took his life, and it’s pretty sad. The autopsy photo may not be original. I think the ones responsible for murdering him were sick. The assassination just didn’t need to happen.

  17. Tankman says:


  18. admin says:

    Thanks to everyone that pointed out the origin of the photo. We’ve removed it and replaced it with a better, authentic photo we didn’t have previously. We also removed comments about the photo pertaining to its origin so as to eliminate any confusion.

    Also I’d like to point out that Sharon never denied being a Nazi.

  19. These pictures are as sad as it gets. This country started going downhill when Lee Harvey pulled that trigger. Look at the sad excuse of a man who succeeded him, & that’s just the beginning.

  20. Bob says:

    From what I and many People have found out about JFK He gave People all kinds of reasons as to why they would want to shoot Him.

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