David Koresh autopsy photo

David Koresh autopsy photo

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  1. What is left to do an autopsy on

  2. Linda Jackson says:

    …Vernon Miller, you mean…….murderer and child molester.

    • A says:

      You don’t know the true story and yet here you are saying that is what he is? Your nothing but an idiot. Research the true story and how the government is full with horrible fucking people.

  3. Mark M. says:

    I don’t think an autopsy was necessary. If you can’t determine cause of death,doctor may not be your field.

    • Scott says:

      An autopsy is absolutely needed to determine if there were any underlying pathologies that may have driven his actions. Did he have a venereal disease like syphilis, which eventually causes insanity (tertiary syphilis or neurosyphilis)? Did he have a brain tumor which could have been responsible for his insane actions. Was he taking psychotropic or other drugs?

      There also has to be a cause of death determination. Did he died in the fire from smoke inhalation of thermal burns, did he die from sepsis of his wounds, did he kill himself or was he killed by someone else? The list is actually quite long.

  4. Dr. Mengele says:

    Looks more like a melted slab of meat with no arms and legs? How they suppose to Identity that back in the early 1990’s? Shake N Bake got to be hard to figure out, when you have 80 something other bodies buried in the same type of rubble?

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