Jesse James cut off his fingertip

Jesse James cut off his fingertip

The motorcycle customizer and former husband of Sandra Bullock cut off the top of his right pinky finger in a shop accident in his Austin garage on Monday.

With an Instagram shot of his hand along with the missing chunk of digit, he wrote on Twitter: “Doesn’t look like this little dude’s gonna make it, Nice know’n you little buddy. #jessejames #westcoastchoppers”

James called in to TMZ from the Texas hospital where he was being treated and explained that one of his gloves got caught in one of the machines and it wound up slicing off the top of his finger.

“My wife (Alexis DeJoria) and I were on the floor looking around for the finger so we could put it on ice and haul … to the hospital.” he said. Even though they found it, as shown in the pic, the tip couldn’t be re-attached.

“They’re going to take a skin graft of the chunk of finger and then sew it back on,” James told TMZ. “I asked them if they could sew my fingerprint on upside down, though, just for fun.”

Via USA Today

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