John F. Kennedy’s blood and brain-splattered car

John F. Kennedy's blood and brain-splattered car

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  1. sklawz says:

    Has anyone who looks at these photos ever heard of the Mandela effect?
    And if you have, what are your thoughts on it? Is it real?

    • A6 says:

      Yes it’s real. There are those who notice changes and those who don’t, but it is real. For those old enough and can remember, one good example of this which also gave the phenomena its name, is the death of Nelson Mandela while incarcerated in, I believe, the 90’s . If you look it up today that “never happened”. It’s also the same with the singer Meatloaf.

      • Annie says:

        I vividly remember Nelson Mandela’s ‘first death.’ I remember it was all in the news and my Caribbean grandmother had her head in her hands and was moaning “They killed him, they killed him…” and when my mother asked what happened, she told her that Nelson Mandela had been assassinated. Then years later, here he is dying a natural death. I was around 11 or 12 years old the first time he ‘died’ , old enough to understand these things and furthermore we discussed it at school. I don’t know what the heck that’s all about. Bizarre.

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