Maggot infestation of the face

Maggot infestation of the face

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  1. Louise cann says:

    Is this person dead.I hope so.

    • Dani says:

      How could you wish that in someone, I hope they’re okay

      • Crap Tastic says:

        lol.I hope they’re ok? Do they look ok? If it was me I would wish for death.

    • Mike says:

      I agree I would rather have that person dead then go through that horrible suffering who would want anyone to go through that alive.

      • Kenneth J Hicks says:

        Once treated of the infestation, people can recover very quickly from maggot myiasis. Wishing death is extreme for a very treatable infestation.

  2. Benzopol says:

    No, not dead just plain ignorant for 100% and over.

  3. Pauline H. says:

    Can’t they just suck the maggots out? You know that tube your dentist puts in your mouth that sucks away liquid? And give this person antibiotics. I’m not a religious fanatic, but when your time comes that’s for God to decide.

  4. Carl says:

    It wasnt meant to be a harmful wish, more like the humanity of the person being dead and not suffering with such stuff. Its only a blessing if this person was dead. No one should have to go through this dead or alive.

  5. Aissata says:

    Quelle horreur ! J’espère que c’est un hoax, comme la “lamprey desease”. Sinon, il vaut mieux mourir que de subir ceci. J’ignore s’il existe un traitement mais si c’est le cas, cette personne ne retrouvera jamais le visage qu’elle avait avant.

  6. TERI says:

    Great art work. Do you actually think this is real?

  7. April says:

    I actually do believe this real. Ive seen video footage of maggots being removed from a dogs pores. Its just so weird that this could come from an animal or human body.

  8. Manohar says:

    This is in real not any art work. I have been an volunteer in missoneries of charity and I have personally seen many such cases . We have disinfected the many maggot infested people…

  9. michael pal says:

    Thats bot fly larvia

  10. Kris WTF says:


  11. Phillip Cloud says:

    I completely understand the first comment they were not wishing for death but any human that could let that happen is gonna go thru that type of thing the rest of there life, so death would probably b much more human than fixing them up and sending them back in the streets, I mean wouldn’t you have to be completely insane to let that happen to your face head or anywhere, I mean just because someone is homeless fors not stop from bathing.

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