Marilyn Monroe autopsy photo (#2)

Marilyn Monroe autopsy photo (#2)

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  1. Linda says:

    Why did her first autopsy picture look like someone beat the hell out of her? Did anyone else notice?

    • jesse says:

      Its the lighting.. Bad lighting

    • Dave F says:

      Blood settles at low points when you pass away. She was found face down, in bed, with her head hanging just off of the edge of the bed. Blood settled on one side of her face, and forehead.

  2. me notyou says:

    jfk and rfk had her murdered [and peter lawford was indirectly involved] [also sinatra “knew”/guessed/supposed/imagined it could happen]

  3. Jeremy says:

    I just don’t understand why!?
    I mean, I’ve come from a life of very little. I mean, very, very, little!.. all these men and women have millions of dollars in their bank accounts and could stop working, “period!”.. and they soon all just go on some kind of rampage of drugs and alcohol and anything else they can put in their bodies!!! And die!.. Farley had 5 million in his bank account! He could of stopped acting and lived on the interest alone!!!!!!!!! “” SATAN”” has really worked out his game for getting a new soul with just a little bit of dope and alcohol and adds some poor pitiful me on top of the whole thing and then comes death!! Now! In there realm of either heaven or hell!, Was it worth it!!!!????

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