An extremely fat person who’s jumped off a building

An extremely fat person who's jumped off a building

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  1. Briana says:

    This is so sad to see.. and to say “an extremely fat person” thats like saying if a skinny person jumps off a roof “a toothpick jumps off a roof” just stating facts.

    • Trant-scamp says:

      “an extremely fat person” is not the same as “a toothpick”, as a toothpick is an inanimate object and the “fat” person isn’t. So technically you are the one de-humanizing the “fat” person and other people.

  2. Sara says:

    This is a sculpture, created by John Isaacs – not an actual human being:

  3. grrr says:

    i thought it was some un cooked turkey you buy at the grocery. Feel more confortable saying this since its a fake

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