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Flesh-eating disease of the face

Necrotizing fasciitis , commonly known as flesh-eating disease or flesh-eating bacteria syndrome, is a rare infection of the deeper layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues, easily spreading across the fascial plane within the subcutaneous...


Angioneurotic edema

Sudden onset (A) and complete resolution within 24 hours (B). Angioedema (BE: angiooedema) or Quincke’s edema is the rapid swelling (edema) of the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, mucosa and submucosal tissues. It is very similar...


A man with two faces

“Your photo of a “Man with Two Faces” is actually a photograph of sideshow performer Bill Durks. He does not have “2” faces, Bill was born with a condition known as frontonasal dysplasia, a...