Qusai Hussein killed by US Troops in Iraq

Qusai Hussein killed by US Troops in Iraq (1)

Qusai Hussein killed by US Troops in Iraq (2)

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  1. Debra Turner says:

    People of Color know the REAL REASON why the United States Killed These Presidents of Color: You can lie all you want to. But Black People Know Why The US Did So! Yet and Still No One rom r There Is Able To Come Here And Wipe Out The Un-Just Presidents Here in
    The USA. The US Makes Itself look pretty bad, from people f color prespective. You Do NOT Allow To Happen What You Visit Onto Other Countries of Color To happen. How Hipocritical can you get. You will Reap What You Sow, the End; No Matter what you Think
    will happen to you. We Already Know what you are thinking right about now; The Most Evil On High Right Now, Sad To Say But So True
    We Are Even Aware Of the People Perpurtrating the Entire United States, and have been for a long while now!

    • Jeff says:

      Debra, please go appologize to the trees that work so hard to produce the oxygen you are obviously wasting….. a man of “color”

    • Jim says:

      Debra, you’re an idiot to stand up for evil people like this in the world. Forget your made up history and learn the facts.

    • Amanda says:

      I am a little horrified the “person of color” would stand up for a horrendous rapist and murderer who would randomly select innocent little kids to inflict unspeakable horrors onto…. JUST BECAUSE HE IS BLACK? Are you demented lady???? Stop playing the victim here and turning everything into a race war. I’ve had enough and judging by these comments here (some are also black) are sick of it too.
      Racism is real yes. People are unfairly treated due to their skin tone on the regular. We aren’t saying that never happens but it’s not like every single black man or woman that dies and anyone in the US is involved with in any way is a damn racist hate crime…. ITS GONE SO FAR NOW that whites and other races feel discriminated against because everyone is pampering blacks so not to be labeled a racist… I mean what the hell!??
      You never hear about companies having to hire so many white people do you. They are literally required to hire minorities even if they aren’t qualified Otherwise everyone rants they are racist so to keep everyone happy they have these ridiculous rules to prevent their name from being slandered all over the place.
      It’s gotten totally out of hand now especially with George Floyd’s death. Now mind you he was also a horrendous person who did really serious nasty things and thus has nothing to do with this article at all I’m just throwing it out as an example ok.:: yes he was bad but no he didn’t deserve to die either. Cops don’t have the right to chose when or how someone dies that’s obviously wrong. This cop had many many reports and complaints ( imagine how many never filed bc they knew they’d lose) and should have been terminated years ago. He was a loose cannon….
      Also if you take a look at the cops together they aren’t even all white.
      THIS WASNT ABOUT RACE AT ALL IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM. He didn’t kill him because he was black he killed him bc he had a serious anger issue and was known to have explosive violent tendencies. COMPLAINTS ARENT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ya know. He lashed out at everyone and anyone.
      WHAT HAPPEND? The MEDIA got one sniff of a racial hate crime and ran with it…. now look what it has done. There’s riots and looting people getting trampled to death and just sheer chaos all over all because THE MEDIA SPUN IT INTO A BLACK HATE CRIME THAT IT WASNT!!!! The same out come would have happend if they man was white.
      It’s just an example of how the “BLACK HATE CRIME” card is played and how it can get out of hand and quickly. Destroying many lives.
      Stop accusing everyone of being racist. That in itself is MAKING YOU THE RACIST in this entire thing … by automatically judging these white men as racists and covering up the real reason for killing him. This is just sick and demented and EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAY YOU HATE SO WHY ARE YOU ENGAGING IN THE SAME BEHAVIOR!!! It’s like a little kid picking their nose and eating the boogers and an adult says eww that’s so nasty what’s wrong with you then turns to pick their nose and eat their boogers. You my friend are those boogers.
      Get off the computer before you get hurt.

    • emilio estevez says:

      Debra, you are a racist piece of shit.

  2. Jamie lorber says:

    Debra, you are an illiterate racist idiot. Shut your MOUF fool. Damn some of you people are dumb.

  3. Michelle says:

    They were killed because they were monsters. Raped young girls and les thru FEAR. Everything is NOT about race, it’s GOOD vs EVIL

  4. Melissa A Thompson says:

    SERIOUSLY Debra Turner??? Qusai and his brother were the sons of Saddam Hussein…the ultimate monster! The 2 sons would go to different schools each day and CHOOSE young girls from the ages of 12 to 15 and abduct them out in the open…took them away, repeatedly raped them and murdered them to keep them silent..they continually got away with it, because of who they were…they and their father tortured and killed thousands of men, women and children. You apparently have the I.Q. of a corn flake! If you will not learn how to spell, use SPELLCHECK! (not to mention your horrible punctuation) Do some research on this darling! Sit down before you hurt yourself! If you are a person of color, you have MORE opportunities than most, to get a better, FREE education! PLEASE take advantage of it! You are as dumb as a box of hair! Just Sayin…LOL!

  5. Shawn says:

    That lady Debra turner who commented on this is dumb and a race baiter

  6. Tia says:

    Ummm…..the Debra Turner post is a fake. Geez people, get a grip. Some people think
    like dum-dum Debra but most don’t. It was probably written by a 16yo with horrible acne and no friends.

    That post was meant to get people fired up.

    Great job giving him or her what they want.

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